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Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coaching is available for those interested in taking their health to the next level! This is a great option for those not residing in Oregon or Washington who would still like to work with Havilah Brodhead on their health goals. 

What can a health coach do and how is it different than seeing a medical provider for care? 


Health coaching is summarized by the following: 


*A health coach CANNOT diagnose, treat, prescribe or provide individualized medical advise such as which dose of a medication or supplement to take. 

* A health coach CANNOT order or interpret labs, and that includes labs ordered by another provider. 


Health coaching DOES view health as a whole and views nutrition, physical activity, relationships, spirituality, habits, stress, sleep, and personal goals as being vitally interconnected elements of overall health.  A health coach works with clients to enable them to identify and change these key areas to dramatically improve their overall health.


A health coach CAN do the following: 


  1. Promote healthy eating

  2. Share nutritious recipes

  3. Support client in Achieving their health goals

  4. Provide general education on supplements and reputable resources to learn more about those nutrients and healthy foods

  5. Help clients implement sustainable healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits

  6. Educate clients regarding insulin resistance, hormones, obesity, sleep, sedentary lifestyles and how these contribute to disease and how to change one's lifestyle and diet to avoid long-term health problems

  7. Use motivational interviewing techniques to help people work through some of their thoughts that may be blocking health progress. 


Health coaches typically address six key areas that affect wellness, with topics branching off into other categories. The five key areas are:

  • Stress.

  • Nutrition.

  • Sleep.

  • Activity.

  • Time management.

If one of these areas is out of balance, it’s likely the others are as well.  For example, someone who isn’t very physically active may also be highly stressed, not sleeping soundly at night or not eating well. Combined, it can feel overwhelming to know how to make changes towards health. 

Health coaches help people sort out where to start and make small changes that grow over time.

If you are interested in meeting with Havilah Brodhead for health coaching services, please schedule an appointment. Our health coaching visits are typically conducted via telehealth and are generally 30-45 min in length per visit. 

Health coaching costs:

New client, first visit: 250.00

Established client follow up visit: 175.00 

This is not reimbursed by insurance and FSA/HSA cannot be used to cover these costs. 

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