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Discount Supplements & Apothecary 

During your visit with Hearthside, your practitioner may advise some vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other supplements to support your health needs. While you can purchase these locally or via mega-online stores, most stores such as Whole Foods, Market of Choice and Newport Market mark up the product by almost 50%. When you buy online from our apothecary, you get a 10% discount and our mark-up is literally half of other stores in town! 


When you buy from our online or in-clinic apothecary, you also support our providers directly as a small portion of your purchase go back to our clinic and your providers rather than to large corporations such as Amazon.  Thank you for using our apothecary! Further, we carry some of these products directly in our clinic for immediate purchase. 

It is very easy to order your supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs and hormone supports from our online apothecary and shipment is fast! Just set up your (easy to use) account by clicking the link and make your purchase!  Questions? Email us below!

Some of our Favs...

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