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Our Patient Service Pricing

New Patient

Insurance: Co-Pay, Coinsurance & Deductible
Cash Price /No Insurance - $275 (there are additional prices for tests or procedures if needed): Typically 40-50 min visit

Established Patient

Insurance Co-Pay, Coinsurance & Deductible

Cash Price / No Insurance - $175

There are additional costs for tests or procedures if needed 

Procedures & Testing

If you have insurance, we bill your insurance.

Cash Pay Patients: (the below testing costs are in addition to your visit cost)

  • Basic Skin Biopsy $150

  • Laceration Repair $185-230

  • Pelvic Exam $25

  • Simple Debridement/wound care  $25-75

  • Abscess drainage $150-200

  • EKG $45

  • Vaccines: depends on which vaccine and how many given

  • Trigger point injections $45 for initial, $20 for each additional

  • Toradol Injection for pain/inflammation: $52.50-65

  • Steroid (Kenalog) Orthopedic/Tendon Injection $120

  • Strep or urinalysis: $25 each

  • Rapid flu: $35

  • Rapid COVID-19 test $45

  • COVID-19 PCR test collection for send out: $15

  • Additional supplies/PPE for high risk sample collection: $15

  • Wart removal: $80 per wart

And many others--just ask!

We charge/bill a fee for specimen collection then send  labs/cultures to St Charles Lab for our patients.

Imaging & Labs

We can order all types of imaging and labs on your behalf, and you can go directly to get your study or labs done at any of our partner labs (St Charles Lab, Interpath, LabCorp, Quest, BMC Lab etc).


CT scan


Bloodwork and nutrient testing

Covid and other swab tests

Stool studies

Specialized genetic testing

DUTCH hormone testing

Standard hormone testing

Allergy serum testing

*You will be billed by the service provider.  CORA, St Charles, etc...  We only order & review results of imaging & testing and will not bill you for any test that we did not perform.

We accept most major insurances and bill just like most other primary care offices; however, because of the extended time our providers take to create a personalized plan for you,  we bill on our level of time spent on face to face time, reviewing your records, documentation, and coordination of care. 

It is the patient's responsibility to know what their benefits cover. We strongly suggest you know what your co-pay, deductible, and out-of-pocket benefits are. 

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