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Patient Reviews:

What Our Patients are Saying About Hearthside Medicine Family Care

“Havilah saw my daughter when she was sick and everything about her home visit exceeded my expectations. Havilah took the time to get to know my daughter and even checked in on her the next day to see how she was doing. I will definitely be using her again!”

— Stephanie Molletta, Homeschooling Mom of 3

“My two young daughters started running extremely high fevers on a Sunday- I wanted to do everything I could to avoid the ER, as all other urgent care options were closed. Havilah came to our house within a couple of hours. She was kind, thoughtful, and had a great rapport with the kids. The thing I appreciated most was that she encouraged questions and made sure that she explained the treatment options thoroughly. This was an amazing experience, and I would recommend Hearthside Medicine to everyone!”

--Karen Devlin, Mom of 2

“I appreciate Havilah's broad perspective and gentle demeanor. Her approach with my preschool age child was perfect, and we've been a fan since. I've worked in healthcare for twenty years, and when it's time to be on the other side of things, it can be hard. There are just some providers that set you at ease immediately, and I thank Havilah for being one of them.”

— Tanya Berg Beard, Nurse Practitioner, Yogi, Mom of 2

“I contacted Havilah in a panic. I was pretty sure I broken my toe, and I had a 3 week old baby. Of course this happened on a Friday evening, and I didn’t want to spend the night in urgent care. Havilah was able to come to my house a few hours later. She was easy to work with, very patient, and has been great following up with me. I’ll definitely be using her more!”

— Rebecca McGuire, Mom of 2

“We had a great experience. Our little guy woke up from a nap with dried blood on his ear, Havilah was able to see him right away. I’m a nurse and felt like I received excellent, professional, compassionate care. I would highly recommend her guidance, advice, and medical care to anyone. This was something that could have been addressed in an office visit, but the convenience of her availability and her compassion led me to choose to see her instead. I would make that choice again in a heart beat!”

— Emma O'Neal, Pediatric RN

“I love how thorough Havilah is, really taking the time to listen. She cares and it shows! She also gave me some great natural ideas to try. They worked and I didn't need a prescription! I was also very happy with the clear and prompt communication to set up the visit and how quickly I could be seen. So happy to have found such a wonderful healthcare provider!

— Blair Burton Foubister, Physical Therapist, Mom of 2

“I hurt my knee after a fall about 10 miles into my trail half-marathon. I knew getting a visit with my PCP would take too long. I then asked Hearthside to see me, and Havilah, FNP

(who I knew had given presentations on sports related injuries) was able to squeeze me in during the early afternoon. She took a complete history, completed a full exam, including a full knee exam, and ordered imaging. It was inclusive and cohesive. It was thorough but timely. I could not have had a better experience. I'm on my way to recovering now with imaging completed, Rx sent, PT referral starting tomorrow, and follow up appointments scheduled. I can't thank Havilah, FNP enough. She worked the next day behind the scenes to ensure my speedy recovery.”

-Terry Hollowell, Family Nurse Practitioner, Avid Runner & Dad

"My daughter had a chronic cough that was keeping her up at night. We were heading out on vacation and I wanted to get it checked out before we left. Havilah was available the day I contacted her and getting set up with her practice was easy and quick. Havilah was great with my daughter, making her feel comfortable and safe. She had wonderful advice and recommendations for helping our daughter get a better nights sleep. We will be sure to use Hearthside wellness in the future."

-Kate Coppedge, Pediatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Mom of 2

"Havilah is as passionate, kind and caring as she is incredibly knowledgeable. Highly recommend Hearthside Medicine Family Care!!"

-Chelsea Glanz

"I recommend Havilah Brodhead any time someone mentions needing medical attention. She has great integrity, genuine compassion, and is honest in her practice. I'm always impressed by her dedication to furthering her knowledge and staying abreast of new research. She is passionately committed to her patients' health, and I'm grateful to see her. I truly can't recommend her enough."

-Audrey Schissell

"Finally, a provider that listens to her patients! Havilah continues to amaze me every time I go to see her. She explains things and she allows for more time to get to know her patients. I never want to leave this area because she’s a true gem. If you’re not sure who to choose, choose her!"

-Melissa Warren

"Havilah is the change we so desperately need in our medical practice(s). She spends a full hour with her new patients, when the recommended time is 15 minutes.  Havilah works with you, open minded about your input while also adding a thorough background in medicine. Her suggestions, which I took to heart, have been a spring board to my amazing recovery."


"My experience with Havilah Brodhead and Hearthside Medicine has been excellent. She provided one of the most thorough, comprehensive and caring medical experiences of my life. I think providing care in people’s homes is a revolutionary concept. For once it was easy and stress free to see my doctor. I felt so comfortable and it was wonderful to watch my curious 3 year old observe everything Havilah was doing. She’s now asking to see the doctor all the time!"


-Hannah Hogan

"Havilah has helped change the direction of my healthcare! I was growing increasingly frustrated with doctors not listening, feeling rushed, being an "inconvenience". I have a lengthy experience of various doctors and have searched for years to find the right one.


With Havilah I feel heard and acknowledged for the wisdom that I have about myself and my body. She is committed and eager to educate and improve or maintain your health, at your pace and I love that she is open to using a blend of natural and/or traditional medicine.

She is a holistic health care provider that readily acknowledges the importance of mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health in order to help you be your best self. I HIGHLY recommend her services."

-Allison Dickerson


"Hearthside Medicine is amazing! Havilah is kind and listens, makes you feel comfortable and genuinely cares. Kari is wonderful and was so sweet to hold my baby for part of my visit. I was in so much pain, but they both made me feel at ease."

 -Caitlyn Wright

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