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Currently closed to new OHP/Medicaid/Medicare/Tricare West Patients

Founders Havilah & Jeremy Brodhead

Havilah & Jeremy Brodhead are Nurse Practitioners and the creators of

Healing Roots Medicine

Functional Medicine VS Conventional Medicine

Addressing the root causes of disease and illness

Healing Roots Medicine
(formerly Hearthside Medicine)

Functional & Integrative Medical Care 

Treating root-causes, not just symptoms.

Our compassionate Nurse Practitioners specialize in the following disorders using a blend of functional, integrative, and conventional medicine (when needed).

  • Hormones, HRT & Menopause

  • PCOS/Irregular Periods

  • Endometriosis

  • Autoimmune & Inflammation

  • Men's Health & Testosterone

  • Common conditions such as

    • High Cholesterol​

    • Diabetes

    • High Blood Pressure

    • Depression/Anxiety

    • GI/Gut Health

    • Weight Management

    • Hashimoto's/Thyroid Health

    • SIBO


    • Chronic Fatigue

 Our knowledgeable providers go beyond simply diagnosing, screening, giving a specialist referral, and prescribing.


Our providers integrate advanced testing, in-depth work-ups, diet, lifestyle, herbal, nutritional, & holistic, medical approaches to further promote your health.  

We strive to foster a genuine patient-provider relationship, acknowledging that the mind, body, & spirit are intricately linked. We treat you as a whole, taking the time to learn about you, your past, your present, and your goals.

Our providers practice an integrative medicine approach to health---scientifically sound medicine that focuses on preventing and healing disease from the inside out, starting with diet and lifestyle.


We are a progressive clinic with a very diverse population and want you to feel welcome, safe & home. 

We offer a small-clinic setting where you can choose to see the same provider each time and be offered conventional and/or holistic options for all your health needs. 

Root-Cause Medicine

Gut Health 

Fall in love with taking care of yourself
Asian woman having heartburn, acid reflux after eating burger, eating junk food concept
Close up of a stressed man in his 30s suffering from a gallbladder sickness
Woman fat belly. Diet and weight loss concept.

Men's Health 

Menopause & Bioidentical Hormones

Women Laughing on Beach
An Older Woman Bathing in
Female Clay Artist
Attentive Therapist
Woman on Her Phone
images (20)
Hormone balance
Wake up rested and alive
Menopause support
Feel excepted and loved

Women's Health: PCOS, Reproductive Health, Endometriosis, Irregular Periods & PMS 

Advanced Functional Labs & Work-up

Fresh Herbs with a Mortar and Pestle
Integrative Medicine
Bio-identicle hormones
Herbs & Stethoscope Integrative Care
Natural alternatives
Food is medicine
We work with you to create a custom plan
Herbs and Pills Integrative Medicine


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